Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Touch of Vintage

This week I have been working on Etsy and helping out my good friend, Julee Wood at A Touch Of Vintage on California. I have been meeting fabulous neighbors like @KyleDPoff who bought a great 1929 Skybar grey industrial fan, what an eye.
Several people from Letizia's stopped by which is the new cafe next door. Be sure to visit me....I'm here till Feb 1st!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Feathered and Inflight Friends

About a year ago, I became infatuated with feather jewelry, stems from my love of the kingfisher in India. I love the idea of ANYTHING behind glass so Deco sterling mounted feathers fell right in line with that notion. My favorite designer of this style is THOMAS MOTT. He made exquisite settings, from butterfly wing pendants to bright pins.

Zurko Promotions Dupage Expo Show Modernism Booth

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Irice Perfume Bottles

Irice perfume bottles were one of the first things I started collecting. I feel in love with the little jewel tops and the wire Czech filigree frames. I have seen many on online auctions and there are dangling Bakelite people, fruit dangles and little dogs and cats too! The Irice brand is by W. I. Rice and was sold in upscale department stores in New York. Antique miniature perfume bottles are highly collectible and certainly those with Czech glass fetch top dollar.

Brie's Estate Sale in Edgebrook

Checked out Brie's this morning, saw a bunch of vintage aficionados out on the prowl. I scored a Lark travel hat box and a Marshall fields hat. As for jewelry I picked up a KJL chain and an Art Deco necklace. Hope to see everyone @Wheaton this Saturday 8-3!